Improving Women’s Health & Wellness

Revive’s Functional Wellness Program for Women


Ladies, are you tired of being tired? Do you want to reduce the number of prescription medications that you need by actually addressing the root problem? Are you routinely experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, lack of motivation, feelings of hopelessness, weight gain, anxiety, or a loss of libido? If your answer is yes, then Functional Wellness from Revive is here to help unlock a healthier, happier you.

Women’s Holistic Healing Meets Western Medicine

The Women’s Functional Wellness Program from Revive was created by our team of experts to dig deeper into your health. We assess many factors including your biology, environment, stressors, family health history, and other lifestyle factors to determine the probable causes of your symptoms. Then we help you make the changes that will improve your overall health and well-being. This program is more than just a few doctor visits. Functional Wellness is a holistic and medical approach to building a healthy lifestyle that puts an entire team of experts in your corner.

How Do I Know if Functional Wellness Is Right for Me?

Because Functional Wellness plans from Revive are personalized, holistic, and focused on building a healthy lifestyle, our plans truly are for everyone. Anyone can benefit from better understanding the relationship between health factors (hormone balance, health habits, stress levels) and their resulting health effects including energy levels and mood. 

While anyone can benefit from Functional Wellness, we have specifically designed our program to assist individuals who are experiencing physical health and mental health symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, irritability, lack of motivation, weight gain, or feelings of hopelessness. If you have been told you have high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, or thyroid issues, then functional wellness is for you. If you want to increase your energy, boost your libido, or reduce the number of medications you are currently taking, Functional Wellness is for you.

Our Functional Wellness Process: How It Works

In-depth Analysis

We begin our process with an in-depth analysis of where you are now. We review many factors, including your medical history, your consultation interview, and your goals. You’ll also undergo a series of comprehensive tests to assess your current hormonal balance, nutritional status, stress levels, and your risk for chronic disease.

Wellness Plan Creation

Once all of the test results are received, we complete a careful analysis of all of our available information. Our team of medical and holistic experts then compile a personalized functional wellness program specifically for you. This is not “one size fits all.” Your plan is designed to meet your goals and address your current health concerns and symptoms.

Path to a Healthier You

As you begin to work on the plan, our team will continue to support you. The program includes a monthly visit with our provider to assure that your symptoms are improving. You meet twice monthly with our nutritionist. You will also have six sessions with a health coach to help set goals and learn the needed skills to move toward a healthy lifestyle.

Based on the symptoms you are experiencing, we may check the following:


Sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone)


Complete blood count


Vitamin D levels


Thyroid hormones


Metabolism (blood sugar metabolism, and hunger regulation hormones)


Stress hormones (cortisol, DHEA)


Kidney and liver function

As needed, we may also conduct the following innovative tests:


Food sensitivity testing


Exposure to heavy metals


Advanced cardiovascular risk factors


Comprehensive digestive analysis


Inflammatory markers


Urine bone breakdown markers indicating osteoporosis risk


Evaluation of nutritional status


Genomic testing for inherited risk factors

Lab testing will be repeated to assess your progress as needed. At the conclusion of your program, we will work with you to decide on an ongoing course of treatment. Our goal is to help you stay on your path to a healthy lifestyle.

Building Your Overall Wellness Through a Healthy Lifestyle

The human body is complicated and incredible. Revive Wellness and Aesthetics will strive to help you work with your body, not against it. Our goal is to help you optimize your health, happiness, and overall wellness. Call us today to begin your journey and schedule your 15-minute discovery call.