Improving Women’s Health & Wellness

Revive Wellness & Aesthetics for Women

At Revive Wellness & Aesthetics, we believe in helping each client feel their best with the use of functional medicine and holistic healing. We also believe in helping everyone become happy and comfortable in their own skin with our aesthetic services.

Women’s Elite Program

The Women’s Elite Program is for women wanting to optimize their hormones, manage gut health, find root causes of unwanted symptoms, and improve overall wellness with IV vitamin infusions. With a single purchase of the Women’s Elite Program, you gain access to the following experiences and services:


Monthly Provider Visits


Lab Bank


Supplement Bank


Up to 12 IV Nutrition Infusions


Personalized Wellness Plan


Nutrition Support


Frequent Health Coaching


Lifestyle Education


In-Depth Specialty Lab Testing


Weight Loss Management

If you have been considering multiple services from the above list, then the Women’s Elite Program could be the best option for you. If you have more questions about the pricing of our programs or what we can do to help you achieve your happiest, healthiest self, call and schedule a free 15 minute discovery call. One of our friendly, educated staff can help walk you through our services and programs to find your perfect match. 

Invest in yourself and stay within your budget – enroll in Revive Wellness & Aesthetics for the Elite Program for Women. 


Refer A Friend

If you have a male friend or loved one that could benefit from our Elite Program, we also offer a similar program made for men. Through holistic healing, functional medicine, and IV, we want to support them in their journey to feel and look their best. Refer them to our Men’s Elite Program page to see what Revive Wellness & Aesthetics can do for them.

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