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Men’s Wellness Programs From Revive


Get back to living your best life with one of our personalized men’s wellness programs. We help you create a healthy lifestyle, taking a holistic approach to feeling and looking great. We don’t mask your symptoms but get to the root of the issues of hormone imbalance, chronic disease, pain, fatigue, and unwanted weight. Call us today to schedule your free 15-minute discovery call!

Men’s Hormonal Wellness Program

Our Men’s Hormonal Wellness Program is for guys experiencing the classic symptoms of male hormone imbalance: fatigue, weight gain, low libido or ED, insomnia, reduced muscle tone, anxiety, irritability, or depression. This holistic wellness program focuses exclusively on getting your male hormones back in balance. 


  • Monthly Provider Visits
  • Lab Work
  • Supplements
  • Personal Wellness Plan
  • Men’s Hormone Education and Support

men’s Functional Wellness Program

Our Men’s Functional Wellness Program is for guys who simply don’t feel well due to fatigue, low libido, fluctuating hormones, or other symptoms that arise when our bodies are not balanced, and therefore are not functioning optimally. Going one step further than our Men’s Hormonal Wellness Program, Functional Wellness is also designed to help men with chronic medical concerns such as high blood pressure, prediabetes, or high cholesterol. We use healthy lifestyle habits and other proper treatments to help reduce the number of prescription medications you currently use. 


  • Provider Visits Monthly
  • Lab Analysis
  • Supplement Program
  • Personalized Wellness Plan 
  • Men’s Nutrition Support
  • Coaching and Support
  • Healthy Lifestyle Education

Men’s Executive Wellness Program

Our Men’s Executive Wellness program was designed for men who want to dive in deep with their health and reclaim their vitality and confidence. This program addresses hormonal wellness and functional medicine, then digs even deeper. The Men’s Executive program addresses additional underlying health conditions including environmental factors, food intolerance and allergies, parasite testing, and blood toxin levels.


  • Provider Consultations Monthly
  • Lab Work and Supplements
  • Personalized Wellness Plan
  • Nutrition Support and Education
  • Health Coaching and Support
  • Healthy Lifestyle Planning
  • Specialty Lab Testing
  • Weight Loss Management

men’s Elite Wellness Program

Our most comprehensive wellness package for men, the Elite Wellness Program, was designed for guys who are wanting to take their health and wellness to the next level. This wellness program offers you all the customized services and benefits of our hormonal, functional, and executive programs for men, plus additional services, support, and resources. From male hormone balance to weight loss and chronic disease, we create a long-term holistic coaching relationship to assist you in achieving your health and wellness goals. 


  • Provider Consultations Monthly
  • Lab Work Analysis
  • Supplement Program
  • Personalized Wellness Plan
  • Men’s Nutrition Education
  • Frequent Health Coaching
  • Healthy Lifestyle Education 
  • In-Depth Specialty Lab Testing
  • Weight Loss Management 
  • Monthly IV Nutrition Infusions

What Comes Next?

Change can be challenging, and you are most likely to succeed with support and accountability. Let us help you succeed! Your next step is deciding which of our plans are the best fit for you and your health and wellness goals. Contact us today to schedule your discovery call!

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