Improving Overall Health & Wellness

Revive’s Executive Wellness Program

The Executive Wellness Program is designed to assist our patients through their journey to improving their overall wellness and finding a healthy lifestyle. This program can be tailored to fit the needs of both men and women.

Why Choose the Executive Wellness Program?

Our Executive Wellness Program is for people who want to make changes but need the support for improved outcomes. It can help those who feel an imbalance in their life due to fatigue, low libido, weight gain, hormones, brain fog, anxiety, depression, or other symptoms. Clients with chronic illnesses–such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or prediabetes–who want to find alternative, functional medicine options to traditional medications can also benefit from this program.

When you enroll in the Executive Wellness Program, we will address the “why” behind the symptoms you are experiencing by assessing your environment, biology, nutrition, family history, and other lifestyle factors to help you make changes that will positively affect your overall health and well-being.

Executive Wellness Program Pricing Options

Our Executive Wellness Program provides a package of services to assist you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle with functional medicine and includes the following:

Support through in-person meetings & health coaching:

  • Six visits with the Healthcare Provider
  • Eight 1-hour visits with the Health Coach

Lab Testing:

  • $1000 toward specialty/serum labs
  • Every patient receives lab testing at the beginning and end of their program, and some require labs in the middle. All necessary labs are included.
  • Labs are selected based on medical history, symptoms, and goals.


  • $900 toward the retail price of supplements
  • Recommended based on lab findings, medical assessment, and nutrition

Personalized wellness plan specifically tailored to your health journey:

  • Ongoing Monitoring
  • Support


  • Semaglutide w/ L-Carnitine compound and supplies
  • ePrescribing medications to your pharmacy
  • Medication refills as needed


  • Recommendations about nutrition
  • Provider to ensure the continuation of progress

Educational Tools:

  • Access to the patient portal (through Patient Fusion)
  • Educational material
  • Nutrition material

Executive Wellness Program Pricing Options

Option 1 – Payment upfront
Program Price: $6,750.00
Discount (5%): $337.50
Total: $6,412.50

Option 2 – Monthly Payments
Program Price: $6,750.00
Fee: $150.00 (one time)
Total: $6,900.00

  • $2500 to be paid at time of program signup
  • $1800 of this fee is non-refundable due to new member processing
  • All meetings with the Provider and Health Coach must be completed within 9 months of the program start date.

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