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Our clinic is located in Logan, Utah, with telehealth options to service the whole state of Utah, as well as Idaho and Wyoming. We specialize in Wellness Services, including Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Functional Medicine, Weight Loss, and IV Nutrition, and we also specialize in Aesthetic services such as Botox, Dysport, and fillers.

Do you struggle with any of these issues reducing your overall well-being?

Feeling an imbalance in yourself without an answer as to where it’s coming from?

Finding it hard to lose weight even with proper diet and exercise?

Exhibiting chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms even after ample hours of sleep?

Low feelings of self-confidence due to signs of aging and losing the look of young, healthy skin?

Our Core Services

To promote Women’s Health, we offer provider consultations, personalized plans, health coaching, education and support (hormonal, nutritional, etc.), IV nutrition infusions, lab work, supplements, weight loss management, and more. If you are interested in multiple of these services, we invite you to explore our membership plans.

To support Men’s Health, we offer provider consultations, personalized plans, hormonal education and support, nutritional education and support, health coaching, IV nutrition infusions, weight loss management plans, lab work, supplements, and more. If you are interested in multiple of these services, check out our membership programs!

If you are looking for a way to achieve younger, healthier looking skin, consider our aesthetic services. We offer Botox injections, Dysport injections, and fillers to help you achieve higher self-confidence and overall well-being. 

Revive Wellness and Aesthetics offers a large menu of IV nutrition infusions that offer many different benefits, including infusions that alleviate PMS symptoms, lessen the side effects of a hangover, increase memory recall and overall brain function, improve energy and speed up metabolism, boost immunity, and more. 

We understand that there are many more factors other than just diet and exercise that affect weight loss. We want to help you not only lose weight but also create a management plan for keeping the weight off in the future. If you are interested in increasing your overall well-being through weight loss, we offer nutrition assessments, personalized plans, health coaching and support, supplements, IV nutrition, and more. 

We created our peptide therapy program to help support anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle through functional medicine. Peptides can help reduce signs of aging, lower blood pressure, improve memory and cognitive function, improve energy and stamina, stimulate hair and nail growth, improve immunity, and much more. Visit our Peptides page for more information on how peptide therapy can improve your overall well-being. 

What We Specialize In

Here at Revive Wellness and Aesthetics Clinic, we do things differently than traditional healthcare providers. We begin every patient interaction with this question:Why does the body think this is a good idea?” We are here to help our patients find underlying reasons for the symptoms they are experiencing and help them find the path back to optimal health and wellness.

We have many options available for wellness treatments, which include programs we’ve developed to address hormonal imbalances, menopause, weight issues, PCOS, and more. We begin our relationship by having you come into our clinic for a consultation with our provider, where we will discuss the areas in which you are looking for support and discuss the options we have available to determine if our method of treatment is right for you. Contact us to schedule a free 15-minute discovery call to find out what wellness and aesthetic services our clinic can help you with!

What Our Clients Are Saying


“I have lost 27lbs and I have felt “true joy” that I haven’t felt in some time.”


” I swear my nails are stronger! My hair appears shinier and more manageable. My skin is more clear, and not as dry. I would 100% recommend and can’t wait to get another one! Cassie was professional and the IV was painless. The chairs are fantastic, very relaxing. It was a nice little slice of self care.”

“After the inner beauty IV, I noticed that my hair was softer and stronger at the same time, with less frizz. My skin and lips felt soft and plump with a more even complexion.”

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